Join a global community of families-in-business as you work to build a legacy that resonates across generations.
Because legacies
are built, not born.
Because striking the balance between encouraging family and coercing family is razor thin.
Because hiring unqualified family members is unfair to the business and that family member.
Because allowing the next generation to fail is a prerequisite to seeing them succeed.
Because great governance isn’t a replacement for great conversations.
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A Global Community for Family Businesses

Connect with Families-in-Business

Network with hundreds of families in business. Our peer community provides a dedicated space where you can discuss your concerns, share your insights, and gain new outlooks with those who truly understand you.

Gain exclusive access to Family.Inc’s hand-selected leaders in family business consulting, law, finance, leadership, psychology, coaching, and family development.

Establish your own, private space for sharing resources, discussing business issues, and growing as a family.

How it Works

Let’s say you work with a family member, but your relationship is struggling because you approach decisions differently.

Post a Question

You post a question on the discussion board about how to start the conversation with your family member and also ask about local resources that might help your family clarify roles.

Attend a lecture

You attend a virtual lecture by a family business advisor who details best practices and how to use governance, role clarity, and conflict resolution to de-escalate similar situations.

Join a Discussion

Later that week you join the advisor and other community Members in a discussion group. You pose the question which provides you an opportunity to ask questions and learn from others on how they handled similar situations.

Book office hours

To go a bit deeper, you decide to book time with the advisor to talk through implementation ideas and a few nuances that need clarity.

Create a Legacy that
Spans Generations

In a world of seemingly endless networks, the most meaningful connections you’ll ever have are with your family. Yet too often we overlook the importance of taking the time to foster a relationship with them.

This is especially true for families-in-business, where generational dynamics meet complex business decisions.

With this in mind, and informed by my lived experience as a family member in a global business, as well as years of advising other families-in-business, I built Family.Inc to:

  • Inspire meaningful dialog within families
  • Support families with the resources needed to address challenging issues
  • Connect thousands of business families across the globe, so they can learn from one another
  • Empower families with expertise to build a stronger family businesses

Josh Gentine, Founder

Build stronger connections with your family, today.

Get real-life insight and advice on how to be family, in your family business.

Who is the
community for?

Family Business Owners

Empower your business with leadership that unites your family values and business goals. Fostering a legacy of growth and unity unique to you.

Family Business Shareholders
Manage your investment and stay up to date on the health of the business as well as family matters, nurturing your legacy with every decision.
Family Members
Engage in your family's business narrative, ensuring your voice shapes both the familial journey and corporate success.
Future Family Business Employees
Be inspired to join a family business that values legacy, innovation, and togetherness, where your future contributions will be pivotal.

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