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Newsletter No. 1 – January 12th, 2024
Written by a human. 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

“I’m excited to tackle my open estate planning questions and address my succession plan.”

~ Said no one. Ever.

You’re not alone if the idea of taking on estate and succession planning is not only daunting but also frustrating and emotionally draining. However, consider them the finish line of a race. You’ve spent years working hard, building something beautiful, but if you don’t see it through, much of that effort is at risk of ambiguity, dysfunction, and taxes. While you may not realize it, these loose ends subconsciously weigh on you.

A family business client recently remarked, “I’ve put this off for so long – it feels good to take action and get clarity so I don’t have to operate in hypotheticals any longer.”

It’s January, use the turning of the calendar as an excuse to talk with your family and call your advisors.

Create a succession or estate planning sprint. Get clarity on the questions you need to ask, build a timeline, and get started.

You don’t have to have answers, you just need to start asking the questions and leaning into the process.

Last consideration:

Talk to your family about the fact that you’re going to lean into the process. Use this as an opportunity to have real conversations with your family.

Be the leader your family needs, even when it is hard.

– Josh Gentine

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