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Newsletter No. 22 – June 10th, 2024
Written by a human. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I lived in Tanzania for several months after undergrad and first heard the above Proverb in Kiswahili. 

It always stuck with me, and I was reminded of it recently when I talked to the CEO of a family enterprise who is incredibly accomplished. 

He built a highly profitable business, and it was something he was very proud of, as he should be. He spoke of his habit to follow his impulses and his ability to make decisions quickly, both of which had given him an edge. 

All this was true.

However, he didn’t have a team empowered to make decisions nor did he have any governance in place to support a transition to the next generation – and, to be clear, he did want to transition to the next generation. 

He could go fast, but if anything happened to him, he and his business were not going to go far.

Let’s be honest, the idea of building governance and doing deep planning work for the future is rarely invigorating nor does it get many people out of bed in the morning. Business leaders get out of bed to build, lead, create, sell, etc.

However, if you want your legacy to outlive you, you need to put your head down and do what you may not want to do.

Building a business that will outlive you requires you to go together – with a strong team, a strong culture, and a strong family that is aligned on the vision of your enterprise.

Uwe na siku njema.

– Josh Gentine

Start moving forward together, today.

While I hope the content in my newsletter provides you with tangible insights you can act upon, I wanted to take that support a step further. I’ve created a tool that you can use to kick-start the conversation with your family and enhance your communication.

Introducing: The Guide to Structuring Your Family Participation Plan.

What is a Family Participation Plan?

It is a living document that outlines how family members will join the business, succeed in the business and ultimately exit the business. It is also a way to protect your family relationships from unnecessary hurt because of necessary business decisions.

What is included?

This guide is broken into three sections: Joining the Business, Succeeding the Business, and Succession Planning. Within each section, you will find questions that will guide you and your family to uncover what values you want to uphold when it comes to how your family operates in the family business.

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