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For individual family members who are looking to connect with other families-in-business. Membership includes:
  • Discussion boards
  • Peer network of families-in-business
  • Family business Groups
  • Curated resources
  • Access to experts
  • Lectures, discussion groups, and office hours


$495/year for a Private Family Group, plus:
$295/family member /year

For families-in-business (with 2-10 members) who want a dedicated space to collaborate, learn and grow.
  • All benefits of the Individual Plan, plus:
  • A dedicated Private Family Group within the Community where you can host:
    • Family events
    • Family discussions space
    • Documents and family resources


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For large, enterprise-level families (11+), universities, and large organizations seeking a customized experience.
  • All benefits of the family plan, plus:
  • Enhanced admin features
  • Multiple admin rights
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Dedicated Family.Inc support and training

Benefits of  Joining

  • Private, non-solicitation community.
  • Unlimited access to Experts in the form of lectures, interviews, discussion groups, and office hours.
  • Opportunity to address difficult situations with global discussion boards.
  • Application-focused learning.
  • All the benefits of family business conferences and networking without all the cost and travel.
  • Featured interviews and discussions with leading thinkers focused on you, your family, and your family business.

How to Join

To maintain the integrity of the platform and ensure the privacy of our Members, we have implemented a brief application-to-membership process as outlined below:


Complete a short form that tells us a little bit about you and your family business. Our team will review it and get back to you within 24 hours.


You will receive an email with a link to activate your account upon approval.


Delve into your family dynamics by completing our Onboarding Engine to create a customized Family.Inc experience.


Join a Group, post a question, or sign up for an Event. The more you put into the Community, the more you’ll get out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Family businesses of all industries, sizes, and maturity. Whether you’re a family shareholder of a multinational, multigenerational corporation, a first-generation founder, or the next generation building their skills – Family.Inc is made for you.

Our Experts are hand-selected and screened by the Family.Inc team based on experience in their field of expertise and experience serving families-in-business.

We hold confidentiality sacred within the Family.Inc community. Our Community is private, accessible only to Members, and no information is shared publicly. All Members must go through an approval process and agree to our Member Confidentiality and User Commitment upon joining Family.Inc.

Yes. All you need to do is submit your question or comment via the “Post Anonymously” Form within the Platform and the Family.Inc Concierge will post it on your behalf.

No, not unless you initiate a discussion. Our Experts will not have access to your information unless you reach out to them directly. Additionally, you can ask Experts questions in our “Ask an Expert” group.

Our team is ready to assist you at any time. Reach out to us: or send a direct message to the Family.Inc Concierge within the Community.

Absolutely! Our Community thrives when your whole family joins. By signing up for a Family Membership you will have access to a private space dedicated to your family where you can post events, discuss questions, and share resources across your family.

Family.Inc complies with all GDPR standards. Additionally, all Family.Inc customer data is encrypted at all times by GCP (Google Cloud Platform) using an AES-256 cipher (an extremely secure digital “lock”). All data sent to or from Family.Inc is encrypted in transit-safe cipher suites.

Yes and no. Family.Inc’s goal is to serve families-in-business, not just a single family business owner or leader. We would encourage all our Members, if possible, to join groups like Vistage and YPO as the resources they can provide owners and operators is invaluable. Family.Inc also provides valuable resources to Members, but our content is going to be much more focused on family dynamics and the subtle nuances of being family in a family business.

Additionally, Family.Inc is for the whole family. We believe the entire family should be educated on what it means to be an owner (or future owner) of a family business.

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